Peggy’s Cove

Just when I thought I was totally over lighthouses, along came Peggy’s Cove! This tiny fishing village is apparently one of the most visited places in Atlantic Canada – and rightly so. This place is so stunning, I’m going to let the pictures do the talking.

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10 thoughts on “Peggy’s Cove

  1. I just posted Peggys Cove photos on my blog too. It’s funny that we shared some of the same spots when taking the pictures. For at least two of them, we could have been standing very near to each other. 🙂

  2. Moe says:

    Love the recent comments re Halifax – I couldn’t agree more. The pictures of Peggy’s Cove are beautiful and invoke memories of many hours sitting there listening to the waves crash on the rocks!

    Would love to see photos and learn of your impressions of God’s country (Cape Breton for those uniformed of this amazing part of Canada).

    • elissajh says:

      I take it this is Maureen?! Thanks for checking out my blog. There will be some posts on Cape Breton soon, I promise!! (I’m just running a little behind with my blogging!)

      • Moe says:

        Yep it’s the weird but proud Cape Bretoner you know! I love the blog – I’ve checked it out a couple of times. It sounds like you are having an amazing adventure. I’m enjoying seeing the Maritime provinces through your eyes so to speak.

      • elissajh says:

        Glad you’re enjoying the blog! Yeah, I guess it must be pretty interesting to hear about these places you know and love from another perspective. I’m happy to say, the Maritimes have lived up to your word, hahaha!

  3. h says:

    Beautiful scenery!

  4. Sarah Garvey says:

    Really stunning photos.

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