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Wolfville: Canada’s Cutest Town?

I stayed a night in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, as I was passing through to the Annapolis Valley and I’ve gotta say, I don’t think I’ve ever come across a more friendly, polite and all-round adorable town.

People wave to you from their cars and greet you as you pass them on the street. When they say “have a great evening,” they actually mean it.

Even the signs are friendly!

The sign at Pete’s supermarket checkout.

The gorgeous Blue Shutters B&B. There were no hostels in town so I was “forced” to live it up for a night!

To add to the adorability, the whole town seemed to be colored in high saturation. Lawns were greener, tulips redder and cherry blossoms pinker than I’d ever seen before.

Walking around town, I felt like I’d been transported back to a simpler era: a time when good manners and perfectly manicured gardens mattered.

I later came to realize that many Nova Scotian towns share these characteristics (seriously, they are always mowing their lawns!) but at that moment I felt like I’d stumbled onto something so unique. I left Wolfville determined to start saying hello to people more often!



Disclaimer: When I visited, most of the uni students had gone home for the summer. It’s entirely possible that the town’s quaint vibe gives way to a “frat party” atmosphere once school resumes.

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